Terms and Conditions

 We produce
poly(lactide-co-glycolide)s, also referred to as PLGs or PLGAs, by
ring-opening polymerization from lactide and glycolide monomers. Their
degradation properties and long history of use in human products make PLGAs
desirable for drug delivery, medical device and combination products. The Nomisma
brand has been a reliable and proven source of these materials in India.  Our range of PLGA
incorporates monomer compositions from 50:50 up to 85:15 poly(lactide-co-glycolide). These products are offered in a range of
molecular weights, as well as acid, hydroxy and ester end groups. Please refer
to the table above.  For other PLGAs,
please contact us to discuss your requirements. We do extensive custom
synthesis for customers. For example, we can provide block and copolymers
from mPEG and PEGs. We can perform additional purification to achieve
residual monomer levels below 0.2 weight %, and manipulate other polymer
characteristics to ensure the material performs to your requirements.  Our commitment to
quality includes a thorough analysis of each lot of polymer, and every shipment
of medical grade polymer includes a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Analyses
include:  · Identification
by 1H-NMR and FTIR  · Inherent viscosity
(IV)  · Monomer ratio by NMR  · End group and Block length
identification by 13C NMR  · Water content by KF.  · Glass transition (Tg) by DSC.  · Free acid by titrimetric
method.  · Residual monomer
levels by 1H-NMR  · Bioburden (total
aerobes, spores, and anaerobes)