This imaginative and prescient led our scientists to never be glad with the reputation quo. It driven them to elevate the bar higher and ever higher.

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PLGA 75:25


75:25(Lactide:Glycolide) - Poly(Lactide-co-Glycolide) 

PLGA 50 : 50


50:50 (Lactide:Glycolide) - Poly(Lactide-co-Glycolide) IV-0.25

PropertiesRelated Categories50:50 (Lactide:Glycolide), APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and Excipients, Advanced Drug Delivery, Biodegradable Polymers, Biopharmaceutical Process Development and Manufacturing,

More...mol wt  Mw 5-20 kDapackaging  pkg of 10 gstorage temp.  −20°C 



Poly-D-Lactic acid



Poly L Lactic acid



Poly DL Lactic acid



Polyglycolic acid for sergical suture

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About us

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Nomisma Healthcare gives a broad range of biodegradable polymers for clinical device, parenteral drug delivery and regenerative medication applications.

The polymers we develop and manufacture extend the possibilities for advanced drug delivery and advanced medical devices. Semi-crystalline polymers which includes homo- and copolymers of L-lactide, D,L lactide, glycolide, caprolactone, dioxanone are normally used to produce medical gadgets such as orthopaedic and soft tissue fixation gadgets.

Amorphous polymers inclusive of homo- and copolymers of D,L-lactide and glycolide are the key excipients for plenty sustained launch drug delivery systems.

They enhance concentrated on combined with specific delivery timing – for one or even numerous active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Offering limitless opportunities

Nomisma Healthcare offers bioresorbable polymers that not only set enterprise standards, but also open new guidelines for therapy development.

Polymer properties that are outstanding

The main gain of BIO-POLYMER is that it's miles accurately resorbed with the resource of the frame after implantation or injection. By amendment of molecular weight and polymer

composition, the degradation rate and mechanical stability can be followed to the individual requirements of the application.

Degradable polymers do now not pose any handling issues with regard to processing, storage or safety. They are to be had in granular form – specifically for medical applications – or as a powder for pharmaceutical formulations. Stability studies are to be had, showing the long-term shelf existences of the polymer’s conditions. under proper Storage condition.

Validate process standards

The polymers are produced by complicated approaches which have been optimized to guarantee consistent quality.One key strength is Nomisma Healthcare’s purification procedure that yields material with very low residual monomer, which is critical for thermal processing and the controlled delivery of proteins and peptides.

Nomisma Healthcare is your partner via your complete product existence cycle. We help you during the improvement manner and throughout the economic production with a reliable supply of high high-quality products. Our manufacturing sites within the India follow thehighest manufacturing and safety standards.

You can determine the scope of our involvement and always expect us for reliable deliver around the sector and across the corner.

Quality that can trust on

Nomisma Place particular emphasis on the quality of its products.All materials are carefully tested pariour to future giving out.

All Products are Subjected to continous quility control measure during the production process which comlies with GMP/ICH/USP guideline. A certificate of analysis is issued for every batch produced.

  • All plant operations meet relavent environment,Health and Safety (EHS) requirements.
  • All our business activity are ISO 9001 certified. 


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